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Honey Tomato Drink (鮮採蕃茄汁)

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SGD 60.00

Not getting enough vegetables throughout the day? This drink is refreshing and nutritious to provide the basic amount of vitamins needed for your daily intake! TIME Magazine has reported tomatoes, broccoli and other vegeables as the [Top Ten Foods of the 21st Century] for best of antioxidant health care!

Freshly harvested non-GMO tomatoes are imported from the US, and processed through sterile, cold freeze methods to preserve the sweetness and nutritional value of the tomatoes. Each bottle will provide you with good amounts of lycopene, which is the natural antioxidant found in tomatoes.

Complementing tomatoes are broccoli seed extracts - contains Sulfate Sulforaphane, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E - rich in antioxidants to keep your health in tip top condition as they support cell regeneration!

Made with no preservatives, no artificial colours, and no chemical fragrances. Won the HACCP and ISO22000 double international food safety certification .

Nutri-Grade: B

Package: 585 ml x 24 bottles

★  添加【綠花椰菜苗萃取精華】:含有十字花科植物特有的抗氧化素材-蘿蔔硫素Sulforaphane。其抗氧化能力與常見的抗氧化劑:維生素A、C、E並駕齊驅。
★  Time雜誌報導【21世紀的十大超級食物】中列舉蕃茄、花椰菜…等,多吃有益抗氧化保健;愛之味鮮採蕃茄汁一瓶就可以攝取到兩種超級食物的珍貴素材。
★  口感清爽好喝,更能補充蔬果營養,每天喝每日儲存您的健康。
★  保證不加防腐劑、不加人工色素、不加化學香料。
★  榮獲HACCP及ISO22000雙國際級食品安全認證。

包裝: 585 毫升 x 24 瓶