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Hypoallergenic Laundry -Detergent for Baby(嬰幼兒專用洗衣精 - 低敏無香精)

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SGD 14.30

No fragrance added, give baby the most gentle care! White pigeon Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent for Baby has no fragrance added, giving baby the most gentle care

  • Three-in-one enzyme cleaning formula (amylase, lipolytic enzyme, proteolytic enzyme), removes milk stains and dirt on baby clothes effectively
  • Eco-friendly and low sensitive formula, tested by American AMA laboratory skin test, the formula is mild and non-irritating, good for baby's tender skin.
  • Added zinc oxide antibacterial ingredients, inhibiting the growth of bacteria on clothes mildly, and protecting baby's clothes comprehensively.
  • No fragrance added, does not irritate baby's tender skin, the foam is easy to wash and without residue

Package: 1500 ml x 1 bottle

無添加香精,給寶寶最溫柔的呵護!白鴿嬰幼兒專用洗衣精 無添加香精,給寶寶最溫柔的呵護

  • 三合一酵素洗淨配方(澱粉酵素、脂肪分解酵素、蛋白質分解酵素),有效去除寶寶衣物上的奶漬汙垢
  • 環保低敏配方,經美國AMA實驗室貼膚實驗測試,配方溫和不刺激,呵護寶貝柔嫩肌膚
  • 添加氧化鋅抗菌成份,溫和抑制衣物細菌生長,全面防護寶寶衣物乾淨
  • 無添加香精,不刺激寶寶柔嫩肌膚,泡沫好沖不殘留

包裝: 1500 毫升 x 1 瓶