SGD 16.80

Wheat Gluten with Peanuts (土豆麵筋)

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SGD 16.80

Vegetable protein. Has great taste, texture, and nutrition. It is the best food for female, adult and children. The wheat gluten is fried with fresh vegetable oil, so it has no greasy smell and has good quality. The specially selected peanuts do not contain aflatoxin.

Package: 170 g x 6 Bottle

植物性蛋白質,特別香Q營養,是女性、中年人及兒童最佳食品。 麵筋泡皆以新鮮沙拉油油炸, 無油耗味品質佳。 特選土豆絕不含黃麴毐素。

包裝: 170 克 x 6 瓶