SGD 17.70

Body Cleanser-Renewal Treatment (胺基酸修護沐浴乳)

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SGD 17.70
  • Hypoallergenic, highly moisturizing, and optimizing the skin barrier! Has passed the international AMA hypoallergenic standards, as well as the tests by the USA dermatologists and paediatrician.
  • Mild and refreshing! The hypoallergenic APG cleaning formula can clean the skin mildly and elevate skin protection; the foam is delicate and easy to rinse, and the skin is refreshing and tender after using it.
  • It’s highly moisturizing! It contains the major moisturizing factor Ceramide that conditions the skin and improves the oil and water balance, optimize the skin barrier and protection. It has 11 amino acids, thus it achieve high-functional water replenishment that can boost the skin’s moisture content.

Package: 600 ml x1 bottle

  • 安心低敏、高保濕、優化肌膚屏障! 通過國際AMA低敏標準 x 美國皮膚科&小兒科醫生檢測
  • 溫和清爽! 低刺激APG潔淨配方,溫和潔淨,提升肌膚防禦力;泡沫細緻好沖洗,洗後肌膚清爽水嫩。
  • 安心親膚! 100%無皂鹼/無色素/無礦物油/無Paraben.MI.MCI防腐劑,中性溫和。
  • 高效保濕! 含保濕天后Ceramide賽洛美,調理肌膚油水平衡,優化肌膚屏障與防禦力。11種胺基酸高機能補水,提升肌膚涵水量。
  • 幼兒肌、乾性肌、敏感肌、一般肌膚均適用!

包裝: 600 毫升 x1 瓶