Best Seller

Multigrain Activate Tea 分解茶

Improve your body’s metabolism with AGV Multigrain Activate Tea!

Made with Japanese Okinawa mountain bitter gourd (process patent license no. 2116101) which guarantees the standard and quality of your detox tea. It is combined with a variety of tea extracts to improve fat and overall body metabolism.

Guava Juice

The guava juice is thick and smooth, contains rich Vitamin C.


Ukon Activate Tea (Autumn Turmeric)

To solve your problems of "excessive drinking " and "overeating of greasy food", and naturally reduce the body burden. It is not easy for the working class to avoid occasional overeating and overdrinking, which cause physical burden to the body. UKON Activate Tea is made with Okinawa autumn turmeric, ginger, and paprika to increase metabolic and body heat. In addition, it is added Inulin for better effect.

Grape Juice

Using red grapes, rich and sweet, sour and sweet taste is refreshing and clears greasiness every after meal.

A healthy juice suitable for all ages

Viaggio Espresso Carmael

Naturally roasted ground coffee with natural aromas.

Enjoy the sweetness and creaminess of caramel that appear in this unique variety created from the best Arabica beans.

Its balanced roasting gives it a special flavor that completes its body and sumptuousness. The sweet and tempting aroma make it an irresistible  blend

Black Eight Treasures

Black Eight Treasure is the perfect choice of dessert made with the finest of 8 precious grains & seeds – black beans, black glutinous rice, oats, coix seed, red beans, mung beans, longan, and black sesame seeds.

With the natural sweetness of Okinawan brown sugar, Black Eight Treasure is smoothly delectable and is enough to keep you feeling satiated without the need to reach for another snack!

Bernachon Coffee 貝納頌咖啡

Mandhel Flavor.

  • Selected high-quality raw materials, containing more than 50% milk
  • Carefully baked, ground, with cloth dripping method
  • Fine and rich texture
  • Free all the beautiful essence of coffee beans
  • Consume it cold or hot.

Viaggio Espresso Italian Roast

100% natural roasted coffee beans without preservatives, without added sugars or aromas.

An enveloping blend of dark chocolate and caramel flavor. Its special roasting gives it an unparalleled body accompanied by low acidity.

Its exclusive mix of grains and precise roasting provide a coffee with persistent strength in the mouth and low acidity.

Peanut Milk Soup 牛奶花生

Protein-rich goodness in a dessert – what more could you ask for! The classic traditional taste from more than 30 years is not missed, coupled with a rich, milky aroma to complete your after-dinner snack!

The best of Taiwanese grown peanuts are used in creating your favourite dessert its freshness, taste and aroma. Each peanut is selected using computerized technology of standardization, and is processed for it to be light and smooth for your dessert.

Buckwheat Tea (no Sugar Added)

AGV’s Buckwheat Tea is thirst quenching, which helps in reducing body heatiness. It is caffeine free, thus a healthier option as your daily tea.

It is a traditional recipe drink known as memil-cha in Korea, soba-cha in Japan, and kuqiao-cha in China, used to cool down a heaty body, which made from roasted buckwheat that gives whiff to buckwheat’s fragrance when you enjoy it.

Buckwheat tea is also known to regulate blood sugar levels, as well as support heart health.