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Hypoallergenic Hair & Body Wash For Baby (嬰兒低敏沐浴 2合1幕斯)

Safe and hypoallergenic, mild and moisturizing, optimize skin barrier! Lay a healthy muscle foundation for your baby, starting with washing! Low irritation, high moisturizing, optimized skin barrier! Passed international AMA hypoallergenic standard x American dermatologist & paediatrician test.

  • Moisturizing and soothing! Amino acid surfactant, European patented oatmeal, long-lasting moisturizing and soothing; Tibi yeast extract, repair skin, healthy skin base, care for baby's tender skin.
  • Safe and skin-friendly! 100% soap-free/pigment-free/mineral oil-free/Paraben.MI.MCI preservatives-free; 200 micron dense mousse bubbles, which don't irritate the skin.
  • Low sensitive. Dedicated to baby skin! EU-approved low-sensitivity fragrance & no-tear formula, specially designed for baby's delicate skin to create the most gentle skin protection

Package: 500 ml x1 bottle

安心低敏 、 溫和保濕、 優化肌膚屏障!替寶寶打好健康肌礎,從洗澎澎開始!低刺激、高保濕、優化肌膚屏障!通過國際AMA低敏標準 x 美國皮膚科&小兒科醫生檢測

  • 保濕舒緩! 胺基酸系界面活性劑,歐洲專利燕麥,長效保濕舒緩;Tibi酵母萃取精華,修護肌膚、健康肌底,呵護寶貝柔嫩肌膚。
  • 安心親膚! 100%無皂鹼/無色素/無礦物油/無Paraben.MI.MCI防腐劑; 200微米濃密慕絲泡泡,不拉扯刺激肌膚,洗髮洗澡一次滿足。
  • 敏弱.baby肌膚專用!歐盟認可低敏型香精&不流淚配方,專為baby嬌嫩肌膚打造肌膚最溫柔的防護

包裝: 500 毫升 x1 瓶

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