SGD 60.00

Buckwheat Tea (No Sugar Added) (麥仔茶(冰萃漫香無糖))

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SGD 60.00

AGV’s Buckwheat Tea is thirst quenching, which helps in reducing body heatiness. It is caffeine free, thus a healthier option as your daily tea.

It is a traditional recipe drink known as memil-cha in Korea, soba-cha in Japan, and kuqiao-cha in China, used to cool down a heaty body, which made from roasted buckwheat that gives whiff to buckwheat’s fragrance when you enjoy it.

Buckwheat tea is also known to regulate blood sugar levels, as well as support heart health.

No Sugar Added 

Nutri-Grade: A

Package: 590 ml x 24 bottles






包裝: 590 毫升 x 24 瓶