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Barley Drink (薏仁水)

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This is no ordinary barley drink! Bigger, fuller barley grains are chosen to make the cut for its flavour and taste. Each barley grain is activated in to barley pops for an increase in flavour and aroma.

Combined with white fungus for collagen, you will be drinking this daily to give you better & smoother skin naturally. Aside from beauty effects, collagen is also known to strengthen bones and joints!

Nutri-Grade: A

Package: 540 ml x 24 bottles

精選薏仁 – 清爽退火


膨發制成 – 香氣誘人


白木耳 – 植物性膠原蛋白 養顏美容

含植物膠質, 又稱植物性膠原蛋白, 讓皮膚有幼綿綿的感覺。

包裝: 540 毫升 x 24 瓶