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Black Bean Drink (黑豆水)

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SGD 60.00

Stay healthy with this nutritious blend of black beans and black sesame seeds, while retaining black beans polyphenols (soy isoflavones and anthocyanins), the naturally occuring plant-based antioxidants.

You'll have a peace of mind when enjoying the Black Bean Drink - each black bean is carefully selected thorugh SGS testings to ensure no pesticide residues present. The beans are roasted the traditional way, exuding a natural rich aroma of the black beans,

No sugar, no colouring nor preservatives are added, giving you a great healthy drink!

Nutri-Grade: A

Package: 540 ml x 24 bottles

雙穀物營養 – 顧氣給力

融和黑豆及黑芝麻 2 項健康素材,完整保留黑豆多酚(大豆異黄酮及花青素),及穀的營養,滋補强身,滋养元氣,给您最好的保護力。

嚴選食材 – 安心健康

嚴選青仁黑豆,通过 SGS 檢驗, 無農藥殘留。無糖,無色素,無防腐劑,更健康。

焙炒黑豆 – 香氣濃郁順口


包裝: 540 毫升 x 24 瓶