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Red Bean Drink(紅豆水)

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SGD 60.00

Exclusively selected Taiwanese Wandan red beans are used to create this traditional red bean drink, due to its richer taste and flavour. A slow cooking process of the red beans retains more complete polyphenols for antioxidant effects, giving you a better rejuvenated look!

Each bottle of red bean drink contains 8g of dietary fibre - perfect for improving your bowel functions and digestion, giving you better detoxification of your body naturally.

Nutri-Grade: A

Package: 540 ml x 24 bottles

萬丹红豆 – 红豆味十足

精選台灣萬丹红豆, 圓潤大顆, 香氣自然濃郁。

水噹噹好氣色 – 好水好美麗


膳食纖維 – 腸胃蠕動

每瓶含约 8g 膳食纖維,使排便順暢。

包裝: 540 毫升 x 24 瓶