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Kimchi (韓式泡菜)

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SGD 16.80

We choose top-grade cabbage and add with hot pepper, fish sauce, green onion, garlic and other condiments to ferment the cabbage. The great smell is from the fermentation process of lactic acid bacteria. It has strong flavor and is a good appetizing food, being able to be used in wide applications, such as used as an appetizer, or added into hot pot soup base to make kimchi hot pot. It is made through natural fermentation process, so it has a natural sour flavor. The pickled cabbage also has great and crisp texture. It is one delicious appetizer before a meal. In hot pot season, of course it can be made into a full pot of delicious and sweet kimchi hot pot when used as a soup base. The product is sterilized already. In room temperature, it can be stored up to two years.

Package: 190 g x 6 Bottle 

以特選上等白菜,添加辣椒、魚露、蔥蒜等調味料發酵而成,具乳酸發酵之香氣。口味重,開胃性強。產品適用性廣,可直接當開胃菜,亦可加入火鍋料,成韓式泡菜火鍋。 天然發酵,釀造特殊酸香風味,且口感青脆爽口,是一道美味的飯前開胃菜,火鍋季節更可以當火鍋底熬煮一鍋甘甜美味的泡菜火鍋。經過殺菌可常溫保存二年。

包裝: 190 克 x 6 瓶