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Peeled Chilis (綠美人剝皮辣椒) 200 g x 6 Bottle

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A fresh and spicy broth with crunchy chilis is a great way to start a meal, and it goes fantastically well and even crunchier when it is used to make chicken soup. The peeled chilis are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and natural capsaicin with no preservatives added. Having a bit of spicy food is good for the body. Cut it in half lengthwise for easier consumption.

Package: 200 g x 6 Bottle 

  • 鮮辣爽脆湯頭開胃好實在,和雞湯搭配更是美味
  • 脆度更高,含有維生素A與維生素C和天然辣椒素吃辣吃健康,長度切半,食用更方便,不添加防腐劑

包裝: 200 克 x 6 瓶

(expiry date 24.06.2024)