SGD 60.00

Peanut Soya Beancurd (花生豆花)

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SGD 60.00

A signature Taiwanese dessert that you should not miss it! 

The best of Taiwanese grown peanuts are used in creating your favourite dessert its freshness, taste and aroma. Each peanut is selected using computerized technology of standardization, and is processed for it to be light and smooth for your dessert.

Have a warm bowl of soya beancurd on a cold day to warm your tummy. Or enjoy it cold on a hot day to refresh your senses. Whichever version you choose, there’s no denying the irresistible allure of silky soy custard gliding down your throat.

Package: 340 ml x 24 cans




  • 保證不加防腐劑、不加人工色素
  • 請勿置於陽光直射處或高溫場所及避免碰撞
  • 開罐後請冷藏,並建議於4小時內食用完畢
  • 本產品含有花生醬,若有底部沉澱產生,為正常現象

包裝: 340 毫升 x 24 罐