SGD 9.90

Hand Wash Detergent (手洗精)

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SGD 9.90

99.9% effective against bacteria - prevent the growth of bacteria, and worry-free from odor.

Biotechnology Protein Enzyme - The concentrated formula with strong cleaning power effectively removes stains from blood and dirt.

Unique fiber protection factor - suitable for both expensive garments and personal clothing without worrying about distortion or any damage. 

PH balanced palm oil formula - No irritation to the skin.

Added quality oil for easy washing and cause no harm to the hands.

Package: 1000 ml x 1 bottle

抗菌效果99.9%—抑制細菌滋生,不再擔心異味產生 生技蛋白酵素—濃縮配方洗淨力強,有效去除血漬與髒汙 特殊護纖因子—貴鬆鬆的衣物及貼身衣物,不用擔心洗壞變形 棕菓油中性配方—不刺激肌膚 不傷玉手,好油又好洗 

包裝: 1000 毫升 x 1 瓶