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Laundry Detergent - Lavender (馨香薰衣草洗衣精)

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SGD 13.80
Lavender Fragrance

Clean and bright, pleasant fragrance. Neutral and mild, clean and bright.Low-foaming and environment protection/healing lavender fragrance gives clean and bright effect with pleasant fragrance

Pleasant Fragrance

Contains healing lavender fragrance, which can purify doors effectively and exude a comfortable and heart-warming fragrance after washing.

Neutral and Mild

Formulated with natural palm oil, it won't hurt the fabric or irritate the skin, safe to use.

Clean and Bright

Cleans stubborn stains and removes dirt components effectively, brighten the clothes at any time.

Low foam and environmental protection

Low foam formula, suitable for upright/drum type washing machines, easy to rinse and save water.

Package: 3150 ml x 1 bottle

潔淨亮白,馨香怡人香氛怡人 中性溫和 潔淨亮彩 低泡環保/療癒系鼠尾草香氛潔淨亮白,馨香怡人







包裝: 3150 毫升 x 1 瓶