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Adlay Oatmeal Deluxe (薏仁寶)

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Adlay oatmeal deluxe is based on the concept of a modern [Four Deities Soup], created to support a healthy digestion and improve body metabolism. It is low in sodium and fat due to it’s natural ingredients.

With a base of oatmilk that contains β -polydextrose (water-soluble fibre), a combination of adlay millet (high in antioxidant & fibre), mung beans (cooling effect by reducing body heatiness), soft peanuts and konnyaku will provide you nutritionally supportive dessert while keeping your gut at optimal health!

Obtained international SGS verification HACCP , ISO22000 , food TQF. Contains no preservatives, no artificial colours, and vegan-friendly.

Package: 340 ml x 24 cans



  • 獲得國際SGS驗證HACCP、ISO22000、食品TQF
  • 不添加防腐劑、不添加人工色素,純素



將泡開的白木耳悶煮10分鐘,倒入碗中與薏仁寶拌勻,冰入冰箱,即可輕鬆品 嘗養顏美容聖品!

包裝: 340 毫升 x 24 罐