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Anti - Mite Fabric Softener - Freesia (防蟎柔軟精-小蒼蘭)

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SGD 12.80
Freesia Fragrance

99% Anti-mite and Anti-bacteria rate. Natural plant fragrance essence prevents static electricity, dust is not easily contaminated on clothes. Certified by Australia's MONASH University, the anti-mite and antibacterial rate is as high as 99% and no allergies! The natural plant fragrance essence makes the clothes so soft to wear! It smells so good! The fragrance lasts for a long time! With anti-wrinkle factor helps prevent clothes lint. With mildew-proof and deodorizing, gives fresh fragrance to clothes.

Package: 3200 ml x 1 bottle 

防蹣抗菌率99%天然植物香氛精華 防止靜電 灰塵不沾染 經澳洲MONASH大學認證,防蟎抗菌率高達99%以上!不過敏,更安心。天然植物香氛精華,讓衣服穿起來好柔軟!聞起來好舒服!香味持續好久好久!防皺因子、衣物不起毛球。防霉去味、衣物好清新。

包裝: 3200 毫升 x 1 瓶