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Dishwashing Liquid-Baking Soda (小蘇打洗潔精)

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SGD 7.00

Baking Soda Detergent Efficiently cleans and comprehensively disintegrates dirt

  • High-efficiency cleaning formula of baking soda Baking soda ingredients imported from the United States, in line with tableware cleaning standards, quickly disintegrate greasy dirt on dishes
  • Vegetable neutral ratio Neutral formula extracted from coconut oil, low foaming and easy to rinse, no worries about residue
  • Does not add fluorescent agent, phosphorus, nonylphenol, triclosan and other harmful chemicals, in line with the CNS3800 national standard food detergent standard
  • Biodegradation is higher than 95% and low pollution

Package: 1000 ml x1 bottle 

泡舒小蘇打洗潔精 高效清潔 全面瓦解汙垢

  • 小蘇打高效洗淨配方 美國進口小蘇打成分,符合食器清潔規範,快速瓦解碗盤上的油膩髒汙
  • 植物性中性比例 椰子油萃取中性配方,低泡好沖洗,不擔心殘留
  • 日本專利淨味成分 添加日本專利柿單寧淨味因子,有效去除食物腥味與油脂臭味
  • 溫和親膚成分 薏仁萃取精華,洗後雙手肌膚不刺激
  • 不添加螢光劑、磷、壬基酚、三氯沙等有害化學物質,符合CNS3800國家標準食品用清潔劑標準
  • 生物分解度高於95%及低汙染

包裝: 1000 毫升 x1 瓶