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Dishwashing Liquid-Green Tea (綠茶洗潔精)

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SGD 7.00

The first company being awarded a "Green Mark" for its dishwashing liquid product, which features a strong cleaning power but yet gentle to the hands. It is easy to rinse and does not leave any residue. The nature coconut oil formula is environmental-and-eco-friendly. Green tea extract is added for quick removal of the oil stain without leaving any weird odor.

Package: 1000 ml x1 bottle

  • 第一家榮獲「環保標章」洗碗精。
  • 中性洗劑溫和不咬手,洗淨力強不殘留、沖洗容易。
  • 天然椰子油配方,不破壞環境生態。
  • 添加綠茶萃取液,快速去油除腥,味道不殘留。

包裝: 1000 毫升 x1 瓶